With a new domain and zero experience

4 weeks ago, I spotted an opportunity to build a blog around a topic I thought would explode over the coming weeks, months, and years: NFTs.

After writing for Medium and other publications like ONE37pm, I decided to take the chance on building my own blog for the first time ever: StartwithNFTs.com.

In this article, I’m going to break down step-by-step how I got to over 10,000 views from nearly 5,000 visitors in less than 30 days.

Pick A Niche And Get “In” It Before Writing

In the past 2 years that I’ve taken writing seriously, I felt hopeless in finding a…

Collectible Card Game History

If you are reading this article, kudos! After you get done, if you want more research like this, head over to startwithnfts.com to read some more of my articles and research :)

Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh! are the big three when it comes to popular and lasting trading card games. While we all may be very familiar with these trading card games at some level, we may not realize how many other card games were discontinued on the way there.

Below is a list of 55 famous trading card games that failed and are currently out of print…

And why failing to meet my goal can motivate you in 2021.

Image of a measuring tape
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

In the Fall of 2019, I gained 18 pounds in 3 weeks. I went from ab definition to rotund in 21 days.

I looked like a completely different person.

My diet didn’t change. I didn’t exercise less. I didn’t recklessly consume alcohol and snack on extra-large pizzas at 2 am.

What did change is that I started to experience intense anxiety at night. I still managed 7–8 hours of sleep, but this was my only clue for the weight gain at the time.

After this sudden and pronounced change, I fought to regain my fitness and appearance, but so far…

You can start right now

Image of someone holding out flowers.
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“Would you take $10 for the fire truck? I lost my job because of the pandemic, and my 5-year-old son loves fire trucks.”

This is a real message I received on Facebook Marketplace after listing a piece of my childhood for sale:

It’s not as daunting as you think

Image of people networking.
Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

In the spring of 2009, on the heels of an economic crisis, I sat down to lunch with a start-up founder offering the most promising internship opportunity I had seen in over a year.

What I couldn’t get over in that meeting is how a 28-year-old with a tongue-ring had a roster of clients that included Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway. Even though the internship was unpaid, I knew I had to jump at the chance to follow him along as he tried to grow a social media company.

I’m glad I did because 1 year after our initial meeting, I…

And how you can do it, too.

Image of a key and an open padlock.
Photo by Basil James on Unsplash

During my twenties, there were two things I wasn’t very good at:

  1. Having self-awareness about my spending habits.
  2. Following through on ideas, side projects, and side hustles.

As I entered my thirties, I put more of a focus on these two things and I went from averaging $2,500 in my savings account to $35,000 in 24 months. I didn’t do it through extreme measures, like showering with my clothes on to save on laundry costs, but rather through a concerted, practical effort.

These are the lessons and mindsets that helped me grow my savings by over ten times, and it…


Just in time for the holidays

Picture of gag gift featuring a hammer and a packet of ketchup behind glass with “emergency break glass” written on it.
Source: Author

Out of pure boredom, I decided to make two TikTok videos featuring a going away gift my former roommate had left behind after moving across the country.

I hadn’t seen anything like it before and I couldn’t get over how perfect of a gift it was for a ketchup lover.

In the first video, I tried using the attached hammer to break the glass to access the emergency ketchup. It took me about 60 seconds to film it, add some text and sound, and publish it.

After the video was uploaded, I put my phone down and didn’t think twice…

Don’t just write to hit a quota.

Image of a person writing in a notebook on a desk.
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I’ve been dormant on Medium for nearly a month now, right on the heels of becoming a top writer in multiple categories and earning in the top 5% of Medium writers.


Because life got busy, I didn’t have time to write, and I didn’t want to manufacture articles to hit a self-imposed quota. That wouldn’t be fair to my readers.

When I first started writing on Medium, I had plenty of article ideas from years of execution in other areas. …

It’s the best way to deal with the haters

Image of a Lego Knight under the heel of a shoe.
Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

I’m not shy to admit that I’m a sensitive person. Whenever I publish content on the internet, regardless of the channel, I have a tough time dealing with the inevitability of a hater showing up to rain on my parade. For such a long time, I gave those (mostly) anonymous voices too much influence over my perception of self-worth. Sometimes I would give in and stop producing content on a particular subject, topic, or channel because of it.

The reality is that anyone who posts content on the internet, whether it’s for personal or professional aspirations, will have to deal…

It’s not a life sentence.

Image of a sign that says “You Got This”
Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

Throughout most of my life, if I experienced a failure, I thought it wasn’t something I was meant to be doing. I believed that I just didn’t have the “it” factor that some other people innately had.

I couldn’t have been more wrong in my thinking, but it couldn’t have been more difficult to change my perspective.

I had to turn this:

I got rejected from a publication: I’m not a good writer.

My product isn’t hitting its adoption numbers: I’m not a good product manager.

After I had an awkward conversation: I’m anti-social and not with people.

Into this:

I am a Senior Product Manager at a tech company. I host two podcasts and invest in sports cards. For more info — https://medium.com/@jonathan-torrey

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